Dos & Don’ts of Decorating a Rental Property

Congratulations! You’re moving into a new rental home!

But now what? How can you make your place feel like home while respecting the house rules and keeping things in good condition? Decorating a rental property can be fun, but knowing the rules beforehand will help you avoid a stressful situation when moving out.

Here are some tips to ensure your rental home looks great while still staying within your rental agreement.

Tips for Decorating a Rental Property

Secure written permission

Decorating your rental property is a great way to make it feel more like home. But before making any significant changes, whether that's painting or installing new carpeting, ensure you have the landlord's permission!

This can help avoid confusion later on. If you don't have it in writing, don't do it. Read the lease carefully and know what your lease agreement says about alterations and renovations. Don't let anything surprise you later! Be sure everything is clear upfront.

storing decorations

Store everything you remove

Properly store all items you remove so they can be easily accessed when it’s time to move out. You can take pictures of where things were so that when you move out, you can put everything back where it was (or close to it).

shopping for decorations

Make it fun

Decorating should be a fun part of having your own place! Love vintage pieces? Make a day of antiquing to find just the right one. Looking for the modern farmhouse look? Grab your best friend and browse the local Target- inexpensive and cute accent pieces await! Looking for artwork? Why not try an estate sale or an auction? Finding unique decor that compliments your personal style is a great way to make your rental feel like home.

color pallete

Use what is already available and then add your personal touches

Choose a color scheme that compliments the home. Neutral tones with pops of color are always a win. If you have hardwood or laminate floors, throw a fun area rug down. Adding decorative lamps that match your style is an easy way to dress up any room.

Keep These In Mind When Decorating a Rental Home

Do not put holes in the walls

Keep in mind that you will be moving out one day. You don’t want to have to repair holes when you leave or worry about the paint cracking. Command hooks come in many different varieties and can be used to hang almost anything!

entryway decorations

Do not spend money on things that you won’t want to use long term

When you are decorating a space that is not yours, it can be hard to know what's worth spending money on and what isn't. Focus on buying furniture and decorations that can be used for a long time and that you can be sure you will love even in your next home.

home decor

Make it your own

Even if you are only there for a year, this is your home and you should feel happy every time you walk in the door! Decorating and adding personal items will turn your rental into your home. Create a sanctuary that you love!

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