Airports Near Naples, FL

Known for its pristine beaches, perfect weather, and luxurious homes, Naples, Florida, has a lot to offer! It's also known for being an activity hub in the area that is accessible and easy to get around. It’s no wonder why people travel and consider moving to Naples.

The first step to planning your trip is finding out the airports near Naples, FL. Check out the list below.


Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW)

11000 Terminal Access Rd, Fort Myers

Distance: 34 miles from Naples, FL

Southwest Florida International Airport is the major airport near Naples, FL, located just off I-75, making it easy to get to and from the airport. It also has many flight options, including nonstop service from many cities throughout the United States.

In RSW, you can enjoy modern airport amenities while waiting for your flight. The shopping, restaurants, and lounges will make your trip more enjoyable! If you're looking for something special to take home from your trip to Naples, then RSW has plenty of shops where you can find everything from beach towels to jewelry made by local artists!

The airport also has several car rental agencies on-site that travelers can conveniently book to drive to Naples.

airport rental center

Naples Airport (APF)

160 Aviation Dr. N, Naples

Formerly known as Naples Municipal Airport, APF is a good choice for travelers visiting Naples due to its convenience, particularly for those in the city or nearby. If you're flying into or out of Naples, FL, this will be your closest option for domestic travel.

Although APF is a smaller regional airport, it offers flights to a few cities within the United States. Several car rental agencies are also available on-site, making it easier for travelers to explore Naples and nearby places by car.

airport tarmac

Punta Gorda Airport (PGD)

28000 A-1, Airport Rd, Punta Gorda

Distance: 64 miles from Naples, FL

Formerly known as Charlotte County Airport, Punta Gorda Airport is an hour's drive from Naples. Flights into Punta Gorda Airport are less expensive and offer a more convenient schedule than flights into larger airports.

Punta Gorda Airport may also be more appealing to some people than larger, busier airports due to its relaxed atmosphere.

airplane landing

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL)

100 Terminal Dr, Fort Lauderdale

Distance: 109 miles from Naples, FL

If the first three on the list are not an option for you, FLL is a major airport with many international flights going in and out of the city every day. It is two hours away from Naples, but you may find more flights from your location to FLL since it’s a hub for many major airlines.

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Naples, FL

Known for its beautiful weather and relaxed atmosphere, Naples is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Located in Southwest Florida on the Gulf Coast, Naples is one of the premier coastal destinations in the country. Whether you are visiting and need a rental or moving in, Naples offers a range of luxury options where you can enjoy all of the benefits of living in a small town.